day-to-day pregnancy

[ Friday, February 25, 2005 ]

Now that is NOT gas :-)

Yesterday I went back to the Brazilian Embassy/Consulate to pick up Kate's birth certificate. As of now, she is officially a Brazilian citizen, as well as American. Next year, when we plan to travel to Brazil, she will also require a Brazilian passport, which will be very cute with her little picture and fingerprint (since she can't sign). One interesting thing about the Consulate - as you walk in, a sign on the counter warns that using offensive language will get you "removed from the premises". Considering my previous experiences with them it is not surprising that the sign exists. I've felt like cursing there myself.

Last week, during David's birthday party, Kate surprised us once again by being a great party-goer. She went from lap to lap smiling, giggling and snoozing without so much as a complaint. She looked irresistible in a red plaid outfit that unfortunately is getting too small already. The loud noises, the crowd of strangers and the constant attention did nothing but improve her mood. I am sure everyone left the party convinced I gave birth to a small angel.

[ Saturday, February 19, 2005 ]

It sounds impossible, but we believe Kate is already teething. We've read in a lot of places that babies start teething around 7 months, although it is possible to see early cases at 3 or 4. Kate, however, is only barely two months. The symptoms all match - drooling, constant chewing, some cough, wakefulness, refusal to feed and yes... lots of pain and irritability. She can be all smiles one minute and screaming in pain the next, with tears running down a very red face. David started joking that she is bi-polar. Unfortunately the gum rub can only be given to babies 4 months and older, so we are easing her pain with Tylenol drops and a lot of cuddling. I am averaging 5 hours of sleep each night.

[ Tuesday, February 08, 2005 ]

Today Kate had her 2-month doctors appointment. The good news: she is now 23.5 inches long, which is taller than 95% of babies her age, and she weighs 11 lbs 6 oz, which is heavier than 75% of babies her age. In the doctor's words "a big girl". The bad news: she's been favoring her right side to sleep, which caused her neck to not be as strong on the opposite side. We will be consulting a physical therapist to learn some exercises to fix that. She also had 4 shots: DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough), HIB (Meningitis, etc), IPV (polio) and Prevnar (pneumococcal vaccine). She had two injections on each leg and the poor thing cried like a river, and I cried along, feeling completely helpless. She fell asleep when we came home, and everything seemed normal until the afternoon, when she woke up screaming in pain and would not stop. After a call to the doctor, we learned that muscle stiffness is a common reaction to those shots and now we are giving her Tylenol infant for the pain. She had a hell of a day :-(

[ Monday, February 07, 2005 ]

On Saturday the weather was so nice we decided to take Kate to the zoo. Cheetah cubs that were born just a couple of weeks before Kate were being displayed for the first time so the place was packed. As usual, the car ride put her to sleep and despite a very long walk to the cheetah area, Kate didn't wake up. Her first visit to the zoo was one long nap. We bought her a rattle shaped like an elephant just to mark the occasion. (and the cheetah cubs refused to show up while we were there)

[ Tuesday, February 01, 2005 ]

Another precious toy we started using with Kate is the "kick and play", a bouncer that lights up and plays music when her feet touch the pad. She isn't as fond of it as the swing (where she continues to sleep every night) but it provides some entertainment. One curious fact we learned the hard way - Kate absolutely hates socks and hats. With a temperature sometimes reaching down to the teens, it can become an issue.