day-to-day pregnancy

[ Tuesday, March 29, 2005 ]

Kate rolled over for the first time this afternoon. I guess she will do anything to get off her tummy.

[ Monday, March 28, 2005 ]

On Friday a Developmental Specialist from the City came to see Kate and do a preliminary interview for her "Early Intervention" process. This became necessary because our health insurance has a cap for physical therapy, and we were warned that Kate's treatment may exceed that limit. Rather than pay for the rest of it out of pocket, the hospital suggested "early intervention" from the City. If they agree that Kate needs physical therapy, their evaluation can be used to raise the cap from our health insurance. It sounds simpler than it really is, but we started the process anyway.

[ Friday, March 25, 2005 ]

It only lasted a few days, but it was very cute... Kate started moving her head side-to-side whenever she heard music.

[ Monday, March 21, 2005 ]

Kate was born to be a crowd-pleaser. In two different political events this past week she behaved like a little lady, smiling at strangers and not complaining about being touched, picked up, rocked or squeezed by several people she had never seen before. No matter the noise in the room, she would sleep peacefully or pay attention to everything around her with a smile. We took her to a restaurant for the first time and she was perfect. The Carlyle Grand was packed and everyone around our table smiled or talked to her, and she loved the attention. She was asleep when we left the restaurant and found that my car had been towed.

[ Saturday, March 12, 2005 ]

We had been saving this outfit for Easter but it suddenly became clear Kate would outgrow it before we got there. So yesterday she got to wear this amazingly cute bunny outfit, with headband and everything (just like hats she didn't approve of the headband, but held it in place long enough for me to get some beautiful pictures).

Kate had a second appointment with the Physical Therapist this week and her improvement was so drastic they couldn't tell for a while which side was the problem. We have to continue doing the exercises, but it looks like the therapy will be a lot shorter than anticipated.

[ Monday, March 07, 2005 ]

And Kate is 3 months old today. We have been hoping this will signal the beginning of a "sleep through the night" age, but no such luck. For the past few nights she had been extremely fussy, crying a lot, waking up more and taking a long time to go back to sleep. Last night a friend guessed she was going through a growth spurt, which makes babies revert to earlier habits. I had already decided I'd spend my last dime on a sleep coach when Kate seemed to suddenly snap out of it. She slept for 5 hours and then another 4 hours straight last night.

From the very beginning, Kate has been fascinated with her cute Pooh mobile. Unfortunately, it is not battery-operated, and it only lasts for a couple of minutes each time. Kate gets very frustrated when the mobile stops so we keep going back to start it again. When I decided to look for a similar toy that would stay on longer, I found this Sassy Developmental Mobile, which runs on batteries and stays on for 10 minutes. Funny enough, the little animals that hang from the mobile are exactly like the rattle we got for her at the zoo. Kate fell in love with this new mobile; she doesn't talk to it like she does the fish on her swing, but she giggles and seems entertained for 10 whole minutes.

[ Saturday, March 05, 2005 ]

When Kate had her 2-month appointment with the pediatrician, he detected Torticollis, a problem with the neck muscle that either causes or is caused by the baby's head tilting to one side. We had not noticed, but Kate does seem to favor her right side.We started seeing a Physical Therapist last week, who prescribed some exercises that will unfortunately be long term. Kate will most likely have to do those exercises until she starts walking. They leave her very upset because they force her to extend the neck muscle in the opposite direction she is used to. The Physical Therapist diagnosed her Toricollis as "mild" and assured me there should be no problem making sure her neck develops equally on both sides.

[ Tuesday, March 01, 2005 ]

Interesting and disturbing fact - even though Kate was born of a Brazilian mother, has Brazilian grandparents and was registered with the Brazilian Consulate in DC, her citizenship will be revoked when she turns 21, unless she moves to Brazil and petitions a Federal Judge there. Here is my question - how can so much stupidity and bureaucracy fit in a single country?