day-to-day pregnancy

[ Monday, July 25, 2005 ]

Over the weekend, David saw Kate's firt tooth peeking out. She hasn't been still long enough for me to see it, but you can feel it when she bites. And she bites everything. Here's a photo take this morning, when an unsuspecting Zelda came looking for some petting.

[ Saturday, July 23, 2005 ]

We found that a combination of factors (being very hungry, sitting in the dining room while we eat, lots of cheering) are essential to successfully giving Kate vegetables. Last night she ate almost an entire jar of carrots and peas, even though she would make faces and spit out the exact same food just a few nights ago.

[ Thursday, July 21, 2005 ]

At Uncle Nemo's request, here is a recent photo of Kate (pre-haircut).

Kate had her first haircut this week. I should have done it while she was asleep, but instead I tried to cut hair while she bounced up and down and tried to grab the scissors. Not salon quality, but it turned out ok. The night before, I had washed her hair and combed it sideways like mine, so it wouldn't get in her eyes. Unfortunately, it seems there is a specific way her hair is supposed to go, because the next morning it was all standing up and pointing in all different directions. We nicknamed her "punk baby". Later in the afternoon, while Grandmother Elsie combed her hair, Kate grabbed the brush and tried to do it herself. We noticed that more and more she wants to do things for herself - grabbing the spoon and putting it in her mouth, drinking water from my glass and removing her own diaper. That last one has very unfortunate results.

[ Tuesday, July 19, 2005 ]

I hope Kate's dietary habits will change as she gets older. It is easy enough to get her to eat fruit (especially pears) but try giving her any vegetable and it seems like you need a crow bar to ger her mouth open. She used to like carrots at least, but no more. Last week I bought one jar of each baby food vegetable I could find at the store, and have been trying to find something that she will eat. So far we've been through peas, carrot and peas, and green beans, with no luck.

[ Thursday, July 14, 2005 ]

David is convinced Kate's favorite toys relate to technology (I still think her favorite toy is our cat Zelda). There is no question she loves everything with buttons or cords. We gave her an old keyboard that she absolutely adores, and she pounds away at remote controls whenever she can get them. In this photo taken last week, she is happily chewing on the cord of a keyboard. She's been known to attack computer mice as well.

Kate took to her "oral phase" very enthusiastically. It is not possible to handle any sort of paper when she's around. Books, magazines, documents and, unfortunately, client materials, all quickly find their way into her mouth. When we are able to keep her from chewing on papers, she makes up for it by shredding them with her little hands.

[ Saturday, July 09, 2005 ]

Old news that I did not have the chance to post - Kate's torticollis is completely gone, and she doesn't need physical therapy anymore.