day-to-day pregnancy

[ Thursday, October 27, 2005 ]

David and I went to Europe for over a week, and Kate stayed with the grandparents. We missed her terribly and called everyday in hopes that she would talk to us on the phone (which she sometimes did). She was a model baby while we were away, sleeping through the night and acting as if she didn't miss us at all (a little disturbing!). When we picked her up, however, she flapped her arms, smiled huge and cooed for minutes. It was very heartwarming, but still fell short of her delighted scream when she saw Zelda again.

[ Monday, October 10, 2005 ]

Kate is developing at an alarming rate. She's crawling forward nicely now, and can get herself up from a lieing down position to being up on her knees. She often does that and holds on to the bars of her crib, and David says she is "in jail". One unpleasant news is that she really started grinding her teeth. All books say it's a fairly common thing at her age and it will go away on its own, but in the meantime it is quite unnerving. She also continues to want to do more and more on her own. Tonight after bath I strted brushing her hair and she took the brush from my hands to do it herself.