day-to-day pregnancy

[ Tuesday, December 20, 2005 ]

It took her a year, but Kate finally got herself really sick. On Friday she refused to eat and started coughing. That night, she would throw up minutes after trying to eat anything, even formula. When I finally got a call back from her doctor's office, a very unimpressed nurse told me she simply had the flu and all I could do was keep her hydrated and let it run its course (about 7 days). For the following nights she would wake herself up coughing every hour or so. Finally David and I decided it would be easier to keep her in bed with us. She has since shown some improvement, but eating is still a struggle and I feel like calling in the Marines each time we need to hold her down for some medicine.

[ Saturday, December 10, 2005 ]

Kate turned one on Wednesday. We had a very small celebration, just family, with a wonderful cake made by Grandmother Elsie. Kate did everything a baby should do on her first birthday: stuck her hands in the cake icing, played with the wrapping rather than the gifts, and delighted everyone with her beautiful smile. Grandmother and Grandfather gave her a walker, a magnets toy that plays "Old MacDonald had a farm" (one of her favorite songs), a Pooh book and a beautiful dress. David and I gave her a rocking snail called Stanley and a puppet theater that she actually enjoyed, along with a lot of clothes and socks (which she hates). She received birthday cards from our friends Ted, Nemo, Ignez & Renato, Greatgrandparents Walsh, and emails from Greatgrandmother Amarina, cousin Alfredo, Stepgrandmother Marise & Uncle Paulo, friends Tova and Rosinha, and phone call from Grandmother Leila. And here she is with Grandmother Elsie (before she had cake all over her face):

[ Tuesday, December 06, 2005 ]

Kate had her first shoplifting experience last week. I took her to Best Buy and while waiting in the checkout line, she grabbed a bag of candy from a display. When I finally got to the cashier, I paid for my items without remembering the candy. She munched happily on the bag (closed) all the way home.