day-to-day pregnancy

[ Tuesday, January 24, 2006 ]

It's been a while because we are all so busy. Kate is walking, sort of. She loves the little walker her grandparents gave her for her birthday, and pushing that thing around is keeping her busy. She had her one-year appointment earlier this month and all is well. They gave her 4 shots and she cried a lot, but there was no fever or rash afterwards. Her growth slowed down considerably, which I was told is pretty normal. She is still in the 90 percentile for height, but dropped down to 50 percentile for weight as a result of her stomach flu ordeal.

[ Monday, January 02, 2006 ]

Kate enjoyed her first real Christmas. She had been eyeing the tree with a mountain of gifts underneath, and even reached for some of them (in a few cases destroying the wrapping), but nothing prepared her for the night on Christmas Eve, when she could tear all the wrapping paper, play with all the bows and ignore so many gifts. I swear no kid has ever received so much stuff in a single night. She looked beautiful in her little red dress. Here she is with Daddy, playing with a bow.

Kate is slowly recovering from the flu. We thought the worst was behind us when she regained her appetite and devoured large amounts of black beans and rice. Unfortunately she wasn't quite done with her sickness and the black beans and rice created a very unfortunate chain of events. To make matters worse, I seem to have come down with whatever she had. I am considering a quarantine sign for our front door.