day-to-day pregnancy

[ Tuesday, July 11, 2006 ]

On June 23, Kate and I left for Brazil - her first international trip. She was great for the most part (except for never wanting to go to sleep). She got to meet several cousins, big and small, most of whom I had never seen either. Of all things Brazilian, she enjoyed pao de queijo (cheesebread) the most. During our 10-day stay, my old friend Ju looked after her and - miracle of miracles - even convinced Kate to walk willingly into the shower. Kate's new favorite thing, however, wasn't pao de queijo, cousin, or Ju... it was planes. From the window of our hotel, she would excitedly point to every aircraft in the sky, and say "plane". Her adoration is such, that even after we came home she continues to look up to sky looking for planes. I have a lot of wonderful photos that I will slowly post here.