day-to-day pregnancy

[ Thursday, August 31, 2006 ]

We had been worrying about whether Kate was getting enough stimulation, because she seemed to learn so much more when she was not at home with the nanny. So David and I decided that perhaps she needed a daycare environment, with teachers and other kids her age. We visited three childcare centers, each more disappointing than the last. Finally, we opted for a compromise solution - while she will still be with the nanny, we enrolled her in Gymboree arts, music, and play classes. She attended a trial class last Saturday, and was so deliriously happy, we just knew it had been the right choice. We are excited about the arts and music classes, as she is showing interest in crayons, fingerpainting, and music in general.

[ Monday, August 21, 2006 ]

Kate came back from a week with the grandparents at the beach, and she had lots of new tricks to show, along with some new words like "eyes", "nose" and, unfortunately, "no". Yesterday I took her to a county fair with a petting zoo, and she was all over the animals (quite literally, in fact one of the caretakers had to take a tiny bunny away from her squeezing hands). She loved the little goats and a donkey - probably as a result of too much Shrek.

[ Thursday, August 10, 2006 ]

Kate turned 20 months this week. Her vocabulary now includes several words, which she repeats incessantly. Dog seems to be her favorite, and she pronounces it with two syllables do-ga. She also says "duck" to anything vaguely avian, and continues to point out every plane, even in tiny logos or drawings. The cutest thing, however, is "uh-oh", which she says every time something falls, or happens unexpectedly. I bought a DVD called Milos and Otis, about the adventures of a cat and a dog who live in a farm. The movie was made with real animals, and Kate is so enthralled by it she barely blinks for an hour and a half.

[ Friday, August 04, 2006 ]

Kate went to Albany, NY with her grandparents this week. They say she was great the entire time, including when she had her first swimming pool experience. Much to my dismay, they didn't have a camera, and so we missed the first visual of her in a swimsuit.