day-to-day pregnancy

[ Thursday, September 28, 2006 ]

Kate provided us with the first of many - I'm sure - embarrassing moments. David took her to the groceries store last night, and in his own words:

"Last night in line at the grocery store I notice two slightly chunky teenage girls as they get into line behind me.

Almost immediately Kate, who has a new favorite word every few days, starts pointing and repeating cow...Cow...COW! Trying to ignore the situation for a few seconds as I suppress a chuckle only makes her more adamant, she wants me to acknowledge that she sees a cow. I put her hand down, and say softly, "yes I know", still not having turned around.

At this point I start putting my groceries on the belt, and little Kate starts again, after a few dozen more Cow!, and Moooo!'s I finally turn around to determine what has her going so much. With some relief, I notice one of the girls has on a Texas Longhorns t-shirt, and being the nice guy that I am (no, really) tell the chunky girl, "Oh she sees the steer head on your shirt".

I really did feel bad for the girl, for a few seconds, but mostly I was trying to suppress my laughter. I can only imagine the day when her favorite word is monkey, pig, or something... maybe we should just start teaching her Macaca now."

[ Thursday, September 21, 2006 ]

Much to our dismay, right on her first week of Gymboree classes, Kate caught a nasty cold. She seemed happy and well on Sunday, and on Monday morning her temperature was up to 102. We are resigned to the fact that being in contact with more kids means getting sick more often, and we've been spoiled by the fact that she's rarely been sick at all. Things are looking up now and just a little congestion is left. Sadly, in the process of taking care of her, both David and I seem to have been infected.

On Saturday, we took Kate to the zoo again. Unlike her previous experiences, this time she seemed really interested in the animals, pointing out the ones she's most familiar with. Her favorite sightings, by far, were in the small mammals house. Little monkeys ran around at her eye level, and she was fascinated.