day-to-day pregnancy

[ Monday, November 27, 2006 ]

Kate's cutest words:

- "ani" (bunny)
- "dooog-a" (dog)
- "grog" (frog)
- "seben" (seven)
- "ef" (Jeff)
- "mimo" (Nemo)
- "melk" (milk)
- "ish" (fish)

[ Wednesday, November 08, 2006 ]

Kate's vocabulary has increased at amazing speed. She has also started repeating words when she hears them for the first time. About a week before Halloween, Grandmother Elsie and I took her to Babies R Us to pick a costume, and she fell in love with a cute chicken outfit (bright orange pants and a white fluffy sweater with a hood and crest). From that moment on, Kate was 100% committed to being a chicken. She would bring us the costume (still in the hanger) repeating "chicken, chicken" until we dressed her up. She would then admire herself in the mirror and repeat "chicken" a few more times. I believe she wore the chicken outfit every day before Halloween, and for a couple of days afterwards. I tried to get her to say "trick or treat" but when we went knocking on neighbors' doors, all she would say was "chicken".