day-to-day pregnancy

[ Saturday, January 20, 2007 ]

This week Kate started spending every day with her grandparents. We sadly let Teresa go, but not before we found tens of families interested in hiring her. Kate was very sick for a day or two (stomach virus) but is on the mend now. One of her new favorite things is to brush her teeth (or, as Grandmother Elsie put it, to eat toothpaste).

[ Thursday, January 11, 2007 ]

Kate surprised us the other day with something that may be as advanced as reading, or at the very least extremely clever: David was wearing a t-shirt she had never seen before, with the words "Don't mess with Texas". No other graphics. She pointed at his shirt and said "cow". We asked her "where is the cow?" and she said "Texas cow". I then realized she has a little pink sweatshirt with a drawing of a bull, and the word "Texas". Now we don't know if she can read Texas or if she simply realized the word on David's shirt was the same as the one on hers, and made the cow connection. Either way, scary!

[ Friday, January 05, 2007 ]

The Holidays are over, and Kate still hasn't finished opening all the presents she got. On Christmas Eve, we hosted a small dinner and dressed her up in a beautiful pink and black dress, which she modeled around. Two other small children came over and all was well until our friend Kevin showed up dressed as Santa. Kate was terrified of him and cried heartily until he left. So much for the Christmas lore. Our concerns about the safety of the Christmas tree ornaments proved unfounded. Kate pointed at the tree every now and then, but did not seem interested in anything hanging from it (not true of the boxes under the tree though - she was very curious about them!). Among her favorite gifts were "Little People" sets, Madeleine videos, and a little pink purse she carries around.