day-to-day pregnancy

[ Tuesday, August 28, 2007 ]

Kate has been at the beach since Saturday. I noticed that she is not always willing or happy to stop playing when I call to speak to her, but today was really tough. I could hear her telling grandmother Elsie "no speak with Mommy, I don't like her". I could have read any number of books explaining the tantrums of the terrible 2's, what kids say without meaning to, but nothing really would have prepared me for the heartbreak of that single moment.

[ Friday, August 24, 2007 ]

It's been such a long time, and lots of new things have happened. First, Kate moved from crib to "big girl's bed", which is a very low-to-the-ground toddler bed. I noticed an instant change to her sleeping habits once that happened; a lot less whining at bed time, and a much nicer Kate in the morning. She now gets up on her own, and plays quietly in her room if I am still in bed.

Another major change was the housing situation. Kate now has bedrooms in three houses (there's Mommy's house, Daddy's house, and Gigi and Granddad's house). She adapted quickly and well, and learned to pack her favorite toys in a little Hello Kitty suitcase everyday to take them to whichever place she will be spending the night at. She doesn't seem affected by the divorce or the constant rotation between the houses.

Finally, she is also about to start preschool in a week. At first she will be going only in the mornings, and continue to spend time with the grandparents in the afternoon, but the plan is to slowly build up her school day. She is not exactly excited about school, but she does like the idea of carrying a backpack ("just like the little people").

Her vocabulary now includes hilarious grown-up expressions. I've been away on business trips often, and last time I asked her if she missed me, and she said "Oh, I guess...". When David put her to bed one night she turned to him and said, in a very conversational tone "So... what's going on?".

Potty training continues, with no big progress.