day-to-day pregnancy

[ Wednesday, September 12, 2007 ]

Last night Kate got her first punishment from me. I stepped away to get her PJs while she was in the bathtub, and returned to find that she was using a cup to pour water all over the bathroom. I took her out, handed her a towel and told her to dry the floor. She obliged without complaint, and in the process slipped on the water and fell on her bottom (no injuries). I took the opportunity to explain why water on the floor was dangerous, and that she would not get a bedtime story because of the mess she had made. I was surprised and grateful to see that she understood cause and consequence, and did not argue. She also said "I'm sorry mommy" and I told her how nice it is to apologize when we do something wrong. I was really amazed at how calm we both were through the process. I hope discipline continues to be this easy.

[ Monday, September 10, 2007 ]

I took Kate to The Homestead for Labor Day weekend. She was really good despite the 4-hour drive. We had a lot of fun in the pool and the gardens, but the amazing part of the trip was the horseback riding. Kate's face was pure delight as she looked up at "her" horse, a large white called Limestone. She had no fear, and positioned herself perfectly in the saddle for the entire ride. For the whole weekend, we were "momma horse" and "baby horse", and sometimes "momma river dolphin" and "little baby river dolphin". The great weekend ended on Monday, and on Tuesday she had her first day of preschool . I was really afraid she would cry, but the moment she walked in, she was fine and said "bye-bye mommy" very quickly, before turning her attention to the toys and other kids.