day-to-day pregnancy

[ Thursday, December 13, 2007 ]

Yesterday Kate had her annual check-up. She is now 36.5 inches tall and weighs 29.5 lbs. That puts her only in the 25% range but the nurse told me kids go up and down in the scale all the time so she happens to be small right now but that is likely to change with the next growth spurt. They tested her vision, hearing, and intellectual development and all is well. She got a flu shot, the second dose of Hepatitis A vaccine, and TB test. She was very brave and only cried for 10 seconds.

Kate loved the Disney Cruise. I was a little disappointed at first when I realized she wouldn't be able to join many of the kids activities because she isn't fully potty-trained yet. However, she was totally happy hanging out with the family. The short flight to Florida was uneventful and the ship boarding very easy. The next day we docked in the Bahamas and, as predicted, Kate had a fantastic time at the Dolphin Encounter. I will post photos when I have the time to scan them, and we bought the video as well. Aside from the dolphins, she also enjoyed meeting the "princesses" Cinderella, Snow White and Belle. Her favorite Ariel was not on board. That evening we celebrated her birthday at the ship's Caribbean restaurant with a "Pirates of the Caribbean" theme.

[ Wednesday, December 05, 2007 ]

It's been so long because I was once again traveling all the time. Kate will be 3 this Friday and it is amazing how fast she can grow in just a few weeks. She is incredibly articulate and very curious. Her favorite toys/books/movies continue to be Clifford, Madeline and Hello Kitty. I think she's outgrown the Little People stuff.

She had two costumes for Halloween. During the day she was a pumpkin, and at night she wore a hilarious green dragon costume. Instead of saying "trick or treat" she would growl when people opened their doors.

While I was away on the latest trip, Grandmother Elsie doubled her efforts and Kate is now nearly potty-trained.

Tomorrow we will take her on a Disney Cruise to celebrate her birthday and as a surprise gift I booked a dolphin encounter for us in the Bahamas. I can't wait to see her face. Today I arranged for a small party at her school, with angel food cupcakes and Hello Kitty theme.

Her eclectic taste in music reflects each of the family member's tastes. With her grandparents she listens to classical music and can name several pieces. With me she enjoys bossa nova, samba, tango and more recently, Christmas songs. Every now and again she falls in love with a pop song from the radio. It was the case with Shakira (she called the song "hips don't like"), Gwen Stefani, and now with Black Eyed Peas ("let's get it started"). With David she listens to blues. In all cases she sings rather well, remembers the sequence of the songs on a certain CD, and does a little dance from her car seat, which is priceless.

Speaking of dancing she was recently on a river cruise and danced all night long, with any adult and another little girl. She is definitely not shy with strangers.

Below is a photo of her at the Homestead during Labor Day. The pure ecstasy on her face is because she was riding a huge horse, still one of her favorite things in the world.