day-to-day pregnancy

[ Sunday, April 27, 2008 ]

Funny conversation in the car on our way to school:

Kate: What do turtles eat?
Me: Vegetables, carrots...
Kate: ...and Plankton!
Me: Well, there are two kinds of turtle. Sea turtles eat plankton, and land turtles eat vegetables.
Kate: And there are three kinds of fish!
Me: Three?
Kate: River fish, ocean fish, and fish tank fish!
Me: Sweetheart, fish tank fish come from the ocean or from the river.
Kate: No, they don't! They come from the pet store.

It's been a while and there's a lot to tell. Earlier this month, we took Kate to a long weekend at Disney World in Florida. It was a truly magical trip and such a delight to watch her joy and wonder, and to remember my same feelings as a child visiting for the first time. We stayed at the Disney Animal Kingdom lodge and got to watch giraffes, zebras and other wild animals right outside our window. Although the plan was to visit Sea World on our arrival day, we were not prepared for Kate's bio-schedule. She was full of energy and ready to go at 7 in the morning, but by 2 pm grumpiness set in and we had to put her down for a nap which killed the entire afternoon. We missed Sea World but she enjoyed the hotel pool instead. The next day we did Disney in the morning: carousel, playground, train, even a great little roller coaster, but Kate's favorite - as we knew it would be - was to meet "Ariel". On our last day, we went to Animal Kingdom Park. My expectations were low because it was a very hot and humid day, Kate looked tired and a lot of rain was on the forecast. With all that, we still had a wonderful time in a jeep safari and watching The Lion King Festival, a great show that got Kate mesmerized and squealing with excitement. Lessons learned: remember nap time when making plans; buy the meal plan (it was so convenient!); only 2.5 days is not enough!