day-to-day pregnancy

[ Friday, September 19, 2008 ]

Hilarious moment while shopping with Kate: I took her out to get some new panties and chose several packages with Dora the Explorer, Ariel and other Disney characters. While waiting in line to pay, she grabbed one of the packets are said, loudly: "My Daddy has these!". The line stopped and stared. I would have said "You mean you have those at Daddy's house" but I was laughing too hard to say a word.

[ Thursday, September 04, 2008 ]

Tonight we took Kate out to dinner with Nemo, his Mom, and his cousin who are visiting from Brazil. We went to Kanpai, our favorite Japanese restaurant, and Kate stuffed herself with rice, tempura and dumplings. On the way home we had the most hilarious conversation. She claimed to be an "animal scientist" and described to us a "hamster-cat" creature that lives on trees in Africa, eats coconuts and chicken, and is as old as a dinosaur. Her creativity was impressive. She went through so many physical and behavioral details of the hamster-cat, I could almost see the thing in my head. When I asked her if she had seen one before, she replied "Obviously!".

This Labor Day weekend we took Kate to visit Jeff's family in Colorado. They have four children, the youngest - Marya - only a month older than Kate. I thought they would have a lot of fun, but it exceeded all expectations. Kate surprised us by wanting to sleep with Marya from the first night, and even taking a bath together by the end of the holiday. In between, they played and squabbled (that's what you get when one is an only child and the other is the only girl in the house). Marya shared her toys, and Kate introduced her to Dora. On Sunday, everyone watched a bizarre rubber duck race down a river. Surprisingly, Kate insisted on joining the other kids on a rock in the middle of the river with almost freezing water. Then we went out for dinner and she had two firsts - drank chocolate milk and assembled her own cheese pizza. Several times throughout the weekend Kate asked "Mommy, are we staying here forever?" and even now she is still asking when we're going back.