day-to-day pregnancy

[ Sunday, December 07, 2008 ]

One of Kate's smartest moments: we were in the car one morning this week, heading to school, when she asked me why we didn't have a Sleeping Beauty DVD. I told her maybe she would get it for Christmas and she replied "No, I have other plans for Christmas". I chuckled and forgot about it. Two days later her school sent me her weekly paperwork along with a letter to Santa that the kids had dictated to the teachers that afternoon. Hers read:

Dear Santa Claus,

How are you doing? Fine I hope. I wish that I can get a Sleeping Beauty movie. I have been a good girl this year.

Thank you,


So I now realize what her "other plans for Christmas" were.

Kate turned 4 today and we celebrated with a big party. Many of her friends from school came, including best friends Willa, Kincaid and Goran. We spent literally months planning the "Under the Sea" party, which kicked off with invitations sent inside bottles with fake sand and real sea shells. We decorated the party room with floating balloons in the shape of sea creatures, projected the Little Mermaid movie on a screen, had the soundtrack playing in the background, and had a gorgeous cake topped with an Ariel ceramic figurine. I will post photos later. The best gift she got from me was a stuffed Marie from the Aristocats, her new favorite movie. I also bought a character scheduled call from Disney so at precisely 9am she received a phone call from "Ariel", who wished her a happy birthday. It was a perfect day (despite the cold and wind) and she was a perfect hostess. Right now I can hear her talking to Marie in her room instead of taking a nap. She might be still fueled by sugar from the cake, ocean animal cookies and sea shell chocolates.