day-to-day pregnancy

[ Friday, February 13, 2009 ]

Children really are amazing. About two weeks ago, we had to put down our dog Alley, who was old and very ill. Kate was not with us when that happened and had asked no questions until last night at dinner, when she suddenly said "What happened to Alley?". I explained that the dog had been very sick, was not going to get better and that she had died. Kate looked like she was going to cry and I asked her what she was thinking. "I'm thinking this is very bad". "Why?", I asked. "Because we won't see her anymore". I said that was true but there were many good memories of Alley and she had left us her paw print on a mold, which we could put in the garden. Later that night she said "Mommy, when we plant flowers are they alive? I think we can plant some outside and then Alley will be a red flower and I will pick it and kiss it and she can see us and we can see her! Alley will be alive again". That was a very sweet and touching moment and made me feel so much better about Alley. Add healing powers to the list of incredible things this little girl can do.