day-to-day pregnancy

[ Friday, March 27, 2009 ]

On the way to school today, Kate asked me to set up a play date with Willa, her friend from school. I said I would call Willa's mom, to which Kate replied matter-of-factly: "Willa's mom is a fairy and she lives in a forest. I think you should call her dad instead".

[ Wednesday, March 11, 2009 ]

We enrolled Kate in Kumon classes for math and reading. She started both at beginners level but math was clearly too easy for her and she has now been bumped up one level. She enjoys doing homework (could it please last through college?) and is already reading quite a few words. Yesterday she started writing numbers.

[ Sunday, March 01, 2009 ]

Speaking of flatulence...

Jeff and Kate were playing in her room when she let out a loud fart.

Jeff: "Pea, you cut the cheese!"
Kate (looking confused): "But I don't have any cheese!"

Another great Kate moment. I was putting clothes away in her room and she was sitting on the floor playing. Without notice, she says: "Excuse me, that was my bottom. I farted. But it was a silent one." I broke out in laughter. She looked at me calmly and said "Thank you for laughing, Mommy".

Kate being overall a very healthy child, it is no surprise that we all freaked out when confronted with the first real possibility of something wrong. A few weeks ago she was playing on David's couch and fell backwards, hitting her head on the coffee table. She cried for a short time but there seemed to be no consequences. Three days later, she woke up early in the morning as usual but went back to bed an hour later, saying she was tired. That was a first. She refused to eat when she finally got up again, and later in the afternoon cried out from her nap and told Jeff that her bed was moving and she was getting tired of it. Later that same night she complained of dizziness and said the room was spinning. When we rushed her to the pediatrician the next morning, he found no signs of a concussion and tentatively diagnosed her with a benign type of vertigo, which he said should disappear in a few weeks. In the days that followed, she consistently complained of the "bed moving" during nap time at school and we decided to taker her to a pediatric neurologist. Thankfully, nothing was detected and she has not had another episode since then.