day-to-day pregnancy

[ Monday, May 18, 2009 ]

In early May, Kate moved up to the pre-K class with her friend Willa. She seems to really enjoy the new class but that came at a price - a few days ago, the teachers told us that Kate would no longer be allowed to have Bunny with her at school. I envisioned this heart-wrenching scene where she would cry and I would have to take away her most precious possession. To me that equaled waterboarding for 4-year olds. Much to my surprise, after just a couple of conversations, this morning Kate voluntarily told David she would like to leave Bunny at home. I've been keeping an eye on the phone, waiting for a call from school telling me to pick up my distressed, wailing child, but so far only silence. If she indeed is ready to let go of Bunny, I think I will be the saddest party involved. I've come to regard Bunny as a symbol of Kate's childhood, something she's carried her entire life with such devotion, it is almost like a part of herself. I can't think of many pictures of Kate taken over the years where she isn't clutching Bunny. In almost 5 years, she has never - not once! - gone to sleep without holding Bunny. The thing even had his own birthday party not too long ago! Bottom line, if she really is ready to outgrow Bunny, how do I explain that I am not ready to outgrow it?