day-to-day pregnancy

[ Monday, August 24, 2009 ]

The grandparents took Kate to New York last week. They managed to get tickets for the Broadway musical The Little Mermaid, and of course she had the best time (and it rekindled her fixation on Ariel). She talks about it so excitedly that I can barely understand her, but one thing is clear - she is ready for more live entertainment and I look forward to taking her to see the Nutcracker in December.

[ Saturday, August 22, 2009 ]

We have a new kitten called Tempest. We picked her up at an adoption drive after much debate. Jeff, Kate and I each wanted a different kitten, but in the end we embraced Jeff's choice of a 4-month old "girl cat", as Kate puts it. Tempest appeared so docile, snuggling and purring loudly while the other kittens were bouncing around all over the place. I foolishly assumed they had named her Tempest because of her beautiful gray coat. After our first day with her, we realized that was not the case. Tempest is the most hyperactive, playful kitten in the world, and although we enjoy the acrobatics and the occasional snuggling (she is very affectionate), we are not thrilled with the middle-of-the-night antics. Kate has been spared most of it as the kitty sleeps in our room, but Kate very seriously attempted a conversation with Tempest about the "house cat rules", which she made up as she went along. Among the many rules Tempest happily ignores: no biting, no jumping on the dining room table, no playing with Kate's toys, and no chewing on her coloring books.

[ Monday, August 10, 2009 ]

Another funny Kate dialogue happened this weekend when I was supervising her homework. She is reading very well now and when I pointed to a word and she read it correctly, I said "excellent", to which she responded "gosh, I know everything..."