day-to-day pregnancy

[ Tuesday, November 17, 2009 ]

Kate is really into baking now. We've baked enormous batches of cookies for two weekends in a row, and I'm finally getting good at decorating them (who would have thought that a pastry bag filled with icing required so much dexterity?). Kate, on the other hand, is only interested in pouring the ingredients into the bowl and watching the mixer. She looks adorable in a little pink apron with "Marie", the kitty from the Aristocats. Speaking of cats, she is being tormented by Tempest in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, Kate's bedroom door doesn't shut so Tempest can sneak in at 3am and nibble on Kate's toes to wake her up. It's gotten so bad that we started locking Tempest in the basement during the night. Twice she's broken free (we don't know how) and we wake up with Kate's shouts "Tempest, no! No biting!". It would be funny if it wasn't the middle of the night.

I took Kate ice skating for the first time over the weekend. She loved it! It was pretty funny to watch her struggle to stand even before we got to the ice, and it was no better once we were "skating". I had prepared her for the inevitable falls and the cold and wet bottom, but was surprised to see that she didn't mind falling at all. She was having such a wonderful time and didn't want to leave. The only way to get her away from the ice was to promise her lessons.

[ Thursday, November 12, 2009 ]

We had a week from hell. David was exposed to H1N1 (i.e. the swine flu) at work, and Kate started showing symptoms on Halloween night. Her fever spiked at 103 and for several days I kept her at home and separated from David to make sure they both recovered. When the fever would not break after several days, I took her to the pediatrician, who confirmed that she had the swine flu. Luckily her symptoms were mild enough that we continued to use over-the-counter medicine and didn't have to go to the hospital. The fever finally broke after a week, but it was several more days until she went back to school. This all happened the week after 19 kids died from the swine flu. I was terrified, but she is back to normal now and I - for once - didn't catch it.

[ Tuesday, November 03, 2009 ]

We took Kate to Brazil a couple of weeks ago to visit my mother. It wasn't a happy visit, because I had to explain that grandmother is very sick. Kate was a real trooper, from the long and uncomfortable flight to the twice-a-day visits that cut into any fun time she might have had otherwise. She ate impressive quantities of pao de queijo and brigadeiro (a sweet snack made of chocolate and condensed milk). On the positive side, she enjoyed hanging out with Uncle Carlos and really loved meeting cousin Clara, who is her age and likes the same Disney princesses.