day-to-day pregnancy

[ Sunday, December 20, 2009 ]

Kate can make me laugh out loud even in the crappiest of days. She recently started telling about this made-up "cat island" where thousands of cats live.
Kate: "...and you can only enter the island on Halloween"
Me: "Really?"
Kate: "yes, it's very far away. REALLY far. At the end of the world, actually. Near Honduras".

Yesterday our area was hit with the biggest snow storm ever - 20 inches! Kate refused to go out while the snow was falling but this morning it was sunny (if not warm) so we bundled up and stepped outside. Kate got buried up to her waist in places, and we were in danger of losing the cat at some point, but she had a wonderful time.

[ Wednesday, December 09, 2009 ]

Kate's 5th birthday party was a success and her happiness was worth every second of hard work throughout the weekend. It was a small Princess-themed celebration for her best girl friends (no boys allowed) at Gigi & GranDad's condo, but we all worked tirelessly to bring it together. I spent the weekend in the kitchen, baking and decorating crown-shaped cookies and making a pink cake with an edible image of the Disney princesses. The party was on Sunday, a day before her real birthday. On Monday I baked cupcakes for a party at her school, and at night we took her to dinner at a Japanese restaurant (her choice). Now we can take a moment to breathe, and then switch gears to prepare for the holidays.

[ Friday, December 04, 2009 ]

I took a 12-day vacation in Japan this month, without Kate. I've done this several times before, always walking the fine line between wanting her to grow up independent and self-sufficient, and at the same time hoping that she will miss me a little bit. She never seemed to care much when I was gone. This time, it was very different. As I usually do, I set up a schedule of calls and emails that could be read to her every day. Much to my surprise, she was very aloof when I called and David finally told me that she was upset and refused to let them read my emails to her. My heart broke in a million pieces. Kate is so smart and articulate that I sometimes forget that she is not quite 5 years old yet, and take from granted that she will understand and rationalize like an adult. When I got back she asked me for the first time why I didn't take her with me. I tried to explain the concept of a balance between fun together and fun apart, using her trips to the beach with the grandparents as an example. She quickly warmed up to me again (aided by the many gifts I brought from Japan), but I made the decision to take her to Japan with me next time. It's exciting to think of all the wonderful things I want to show her.